Perhaps one of the greatest Starcraft players we will ever see, Life has been indicted for match fixing in the second major scandal for Starcraft 2.

Ten people have been indicted by South Korean authorities, including the previously mentioned Life and Bbyong.

Life recieved roughly $60,000 dollars to intentionally lose two matches in May of 2015. Life has won 10 major tournaments, including the Blizzard Cup and Major League Gaming. He’s only 19 years old, making his career an impressive one at worst. His winnings in 2015 exceeded $100,000, making the (alleged) $60,000 pay off feel like chump change.

Bbyong, on the other hand, is 23 years old. His pay off was $26,000 to throw a game in January 2016.

On top of Life and Bbyong being indicted, the remaining 8 persons had included Enough, a former Pro Starcraft player. He has been accused of being Life’s benefactor and profiting from fixed matches. Six were identified as making payoffs, brokered arrangements, and bet on the inside information to win money. An 11th person is currently at large and has yet to be indicted for his participation in the match-fixing.

The bets were made using multiple online services, with the largest individual bet equaling roughly $87,000.

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