After going down for maintenance earlier today, The Division is back up and running, but with less bugs and exploits.

Posting on the game’s forums, Ubisoft shared the changes that have made their way to the game, all meant to fix the near game-breaking problems that have cropped up around the introduction of the game’s first incursion. The most notable fix involves stopping players from damaging the incursion’s boss, an APC, with anything other than the designated bomb packs. A 15-wave horde mode, the point of the incursion is to survive and pick up the bombs that spawn every 4 or so waves. Using all of the required bombs then destroys the APC. Players found a way to glitch into the arena however, without triggering the enemy spawns, and simply deal damage to the APC themselves. In this way, it was possible to complete the incursion without actually completing any of the waves.

In the second round of maintenance, Ubisoft then also removed both the double revive glitch and the talent stacking glitch. Better yet, it seems the second glitch was the cause of recent sever instability, meaning that too has been solved.

For those that haven’t been following the ever growing list of bugs and exploits populating The Division, the double revive glitch is weirder that it sounds at first. After one player is downed, a second player can then revive him. If the second player continued to hold the revive button however, the character would complete the reviving animation again, giving the first player essentially a free life. After being double revived, a player would simply get up automatically if downed again in the future.

As for the talent stacking glitch, players found switching certain weapons repeatedly would stack the talents, adding up to a huge damage boost.

While it’s unlikely these fixes will be enough, a particular exploit already discovered to circumvent the APC fix, it is a step in the right direction. Earlier this week, Ubisoft claimed to be looking into ways to punish players that have taken advantage of the many exploits to get ahead in the game. To apologize to the rest of the players, Ubisoft is giving 150 Pheonix Credits, The Division’s endgame currency, to everyone. As we learn more about the future of The Division, you’ll find it right here on Gamespresso.

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