The folks at TopWare Interactive have made some new announcements including a sequel to their role-playing game Two Worlds II named Two Worlds III and two new DLC for Two Worlds II. While the third title in the Two Worlds series is still in development for another approximately 36 months, work on the last two DLC expansions is pushing forward.

The first of the two DLC is titled Call of Tenebrae and focuses on the ‘Hero’s return to Antaloor, where he witnesses the shocking murder of DarPha’. The hero finds himself fighting against a new species of rat-like creatures known as ‘the Chosen’. Call of Tenebrae is slated for release sometime in the end of the second quarter of 2016.

Meanwhile, the last DLC is called Shattered Embrace. Unfortunately, no details were given for the final piece of DLC, nor a date. In any case, the third game in the Two Worlds series will be created through a newer engine which would allow the team to fine tune environmental details and characters, as well as adding new features such as co-op and HD-GUI.

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