Halo 5: Guardian’s next update, Ghosts of Meridian, will release next week, along with a livestream showing off the new update in action.

Ghosts of Meridian will bring two new maps, vehicles, weapons, armor, and more to Halo 5. Ghosts of Meridian’s new REQ pack will introduce the Dynast and Mark V Alpha Reflex Armor Sets, as well as the weapons Corpse Maker, Grinder, Tartarus’ Gavel, Song of Peace, and Razor’s Edge. 343 Industries also promises that there will be a number of game improvements, balance tweaks, and player-requested fixes headed to the game, but have not given any details.

The two maps coming in the Ghosts of Meridian update are Tyrant and Skirmish at Darkstar. Tyrant is symmetrical, and is made for Capture the Flag and Assault game types. Skirmish on Darkstar focuses on infantry and and battlefield control. Gates can be opened or closed to change the tide of a fight or to direct enemies to a different location. Skirmish at Darkstar will also provide plenty of cover and a variety of routes for players to take.


Ghosts of Meridian will release sometime next week. You can tune in to the official Halo livestream on Tuesday, April 5th at 3 p.m. PT to see Ghosts of Meridian in action. Also remember that Halo 5: Guardian’s new mode, Warzone Turbo, will be playable this weekend only.

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