Since its surprise leaked announcement by Ubisoft around this time last year, there hasn’t been too much information regarding the game. However, during the GDC briefing by AMD, it was mentioned that Watch Dogs 2 will be supporting DirectX 12. Unfortunately, that is all that was mentioned regarding the title.

With no other information to go on, it is merely implied that Watch Dogs 2 will more than likely be highly optimized for play on AMD GPUs. What’s interesting about that is that Watch Dog had a similar deal with NVIDIA, the direct competitor to AMD. The game suffered graphically, but the fault was cast on console versions of the game. The bearing this has on the sequel is questionable at best.

The briefing had no information on how the game would be integrated or what the game had to offer in terms of content and features. Regardless, Watch Dogs 2 is slated for a release sometime in the next year. Ubisoft is encouraging fans to wait until more substantial news is shown during future events such as E3.

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