The console versions of Smite is receiving a new patch, states Hi-Rez Studios.

The biggest addition in this patch is the god Susano, God of the Summer Storm. His moveset is all based around wind and storm moves and are aptly named Storm Kata, Wind Siphon, Jet Stream, and Typhoon. His passive ability, Swift as the Summer Storm, increases his movement speed for each ability on cooldown.

Hi-Rez Studios also made a statement about the patch:

“We’re making a number of changes to Conquest this patch, based on feedback we’ve received since the start of Season 3. While overall the Season 3 meta changes have been very successful, Conquest in particular has lost some enjoyment, especially in the jungling role. We want to empower Junglers once more, and let them spend more time roaming the Jungle.

The biggest change is the return of the Speed buff from Season 2. The return of speed buff will allow junglers to roam more easily and disrupt multiple lanes. We took a lot of feedback on this issue before making the decision to bring it back, but at the end of the day we think the game will be more enjoyable with Junglers having a dedicated buff again, and that was mirrored in the responses we received from the community.

The relocation of back Harpies will help to solve some issues with the jungle being too accessible at all times. The map will also see some improvements to quality of life with changes to the Boars and Fire Elementals.

Overall these changes should lead to Junglers being able to make more interesting decisions, feel more relevant in all lanes, and have more dedicated sources of farm for them to stay relevant as an individual role.”

The rest of the patch notes and some more specifics in what will be changed can be found here.

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