A new MOBA called Energy Heroes plans to enter Early Access on June 1st.

The new title is being produced by French game developer DSC Studio22. The company had worked on some mobile titles and has decided to transition to PC gaming.

“As gamers we have been frustrated with the lack of variety from online multiplayer strategic games for the most part limited to top down camera views and RTS controls,” states Thierry Haibach, Energy Heroes creative director and studio manager. “With Energy Heroes we are thrilled to integrate TPS (third-person shooter) mechanics into the founding principles of MOBA to establish new innovative gameplay experiences.”

Energy Heroes offers two differences from the traditional MOBA other than just the perspective shift. Players earn a resource while playing called Energium, which they can use to upgrade turrets and drones throughout the game. As well, the game is focused on 3v3 battles rather than the typical 5v5 size, meaning that matches will be somewhat more personal.

Their Twitch channel has also been streaming alpha gameplay every now and then, so check them out here if you’re more curious about Energy Heroes.

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