Indie developer Codex Worlds has announced that their first game, the strategy action hybrid game Infinium Strike, will also be releasing on the PS4.

“Set hundreds of years in the future, humans are on the brink of extinction after decades of intergalactic colonization,” the Codex World explains. “The Wrog, a race of sentient alien ships, will stop at nothing until mankind is eradicated. All hope appeared lost until the discovery of a liquid metal known as Infinium. Harnessing the power of Infinium, humanity has built Freedom Strike, the strongest battlecarrier in the universe. As chief weapons officer of the Freedom Strike, it is up to the player to maintain the spaceship’s defenses as the Wrog attack from four sides.”

After originally announcing its arrival to the Xbox One in Q3 of 2016 at PAX and GDC, “PlayStation owners demanded Infinium Strike,” Dexter Chow, CEO of Codex Worlds, said. “We are thrilled to have such a passionate fan base and will continue diligently working to deliver the experience they expect.”

Infinium Strike was originally Kickstarted and set to release for the PC only, with no original plans to port the game over to consoles. The PC version will release on July 14th, 2016, while both the PS4 and Xbox One versions will launch sometime in Q3 2016.

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