As summer kicks off, it’s time to put on your running shoes. But why go outside when Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has all the free-running stunts we all just wish we could do? Called ‘Why We Run,’ the game’s launch trailer drops a few more hints and clips about Faith’s past, and packs in the gorgeous environments gamers will get to run through in June.

Ironically releasing on the game’s previous release date before being delayed, the trailer doesn’t showcase anything too out there from what DICE has shown off so far. “Times are about to change in the city of Glass,” the description teases. “Barely out of juvenile detention, skilled Runner Faith Connors stirs things up with the city’s Conglomerate and the evil Gabriel Kruger. Faith is forced to start running for something far more important than herself.”

Hitting PS4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC on June 7, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst improves on the design ideas of the original game. With Faith being impervious to bullets as long as you keep moving, DICE hopes to encourage a free-running experience unlike any other game.

It was recently revealed Xbox One owners can grab the game five days early through EA Access. For more on the narrative of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst check out the Story Trailer. What do you think of gorgeous visuals? Are you excited to make your way through Glass? Let us know in the comments.

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