It has always been fascinating to see how much Worms has evolved from its humble beginnings on the Commodore Amiga. It began as a simple concept of worms shooting each other with guns and an assortment of weapons. Not much has changed the core, but there are now a plethora of features in the game including worm types, vehicular transport and absurd weapons.

The trailer above showcases the multi-player changes in the game. This includes the new ability to have 6 players and 8 worms in a team for more anarchistic fun. Not only that, but the ability to enter buildings and vehicles like helicopters lead to new strategies and horrific rampage potential.

While Worms W.M.D will be released some time later this year, 2016 also marks the 21st anniversary for the franchise. A strange anniversary date, but they’ve capitalized it with a neat little infomercial showing some zany statistics including 3 billion dead worms.


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