Titled Valencia, the new update for Black Desert will place players into a new desert environment that is filled with perils, story and quests. As well as a new weather condition that hurts players over time if they don’t set up tents. It also becomes imperative for players to drink water to stay hydrated and fire or something to stay warm during the cold desert nights. Furthermore, the map will be unusable, leading to lost adventures.

Interestingly Darum Games announced that this update will increase the world’s size by 30% with the addition of hundreds of new quests to partake in. The land of Valencia will also give players a chance to find and receive new weapons and armors. Speaking of armor pieces, the level for armor has been bolstered to 20 when the update drops.

Aforementioned update will drop on June 1st and is merely part 1 of the continued support for the game. Especially as more places are created and even more story is had for the Black Desert world.

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