When Nintendo first announced their movement into mobile games, most people expected a Mario, Legend of Zelda, or maybe even a Donkey Kong game to be one of the first. Instead, we received the social media Miitomo and will soon see a mobile Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. While they may not exactly be what we initially expected, they should not disappoint.

It was confirmed by Nintendo that both Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem would be “pure-game apps”, meaning that would be fully fleshed out games, rather than a social platform of some sort. It was also stated that these titles will both be free-to-play, which is great for anyone who hopes to try out the Big N’s first true games on mobile as soon as they come out. They will both feature microtransactions, as many mobile games these days, but there have been no details on what they will be for each game.

Are you looking forward to Nintendo’s newest games on mobile? Let us know in the comments.

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