The Payday franchise has only been around for about 5 years, but it has already made an impact on the gaming world. In fact, it is such a great series that Starbreeze just had to own it all. Thanks to a deal made with 505 Games, now they do.

Starbreeze now officially completely owns the rights to Payday. As of now, Starbreeze will earn all of the revenue from the PC version of the latest title, but will split all console version, or Crimewave Edition, with 505 Games. This new series of events will also be beneficial to fans. The next update to Payday 2 will remove all controversial microtransactions from the game. New community grenades and a remodeled skill tree will also be added. More announcements should be coming at E3 next month. Even better news is that another installment to the franchise has been announced.

There are not many details yet on this Payday 3, but you can be sure there will be in the near future.

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