There are few experiences in gaming quite like sitting down and playing splitscreen with a friend. Uncharted 4 developer Naughty Dog agrees, but also can only pack so much into the game.

Speaking in a multiplayer-focused livestream, Robert Gogburn, lead game designer on Uncharted 4 answered the looming question. “Splitscreen is a very technically challenging thing for us to do,” he says.

“In the process of creating it, there are a number of obstacles and hurdles that need to be handled… and in an effort to ensure we hit our deadlines, which were pushed multiple times as many of you know, we had to shelve splitscreen for a while.”

Continuing, Cogburn explains that the team then left the feature off the recently revealed multiplayer road-map because they are not completely confident they will be able to make it work. That said, “It is definitely something we want to do,” he says. “We are looking at it right now, and the reason we didn’t mention it is because we didn’t want to make any promises we couldn’t keep. It’s something we are actively pursuing right now.”

In the road-map, Naughty Dog unveiled plans to add co-op, likely similar to Uncharted 3’s co-op missions, sometime this Fall.

Uncharted 4 releases May 10. As we play through it, you’ll find all the news, reviews, and information you need, right here on Gamespresso.

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