Boy Final Fantasy XIV has sure changed since I last played it, and it’s always been for the good. This time? It’s even better! It was announced at a Final Fantasy XIV livestream that the folks at Level-5 have brought in their popular Yo-Kai series into the world of Eorzea. A couple of mascots from the series will appear such as Jibanyan and Whisper. They will take the form of minions, pets, rideable mounts and weapons.

Unfortunately here’s the kicker; this will be available for the Japanese version of Final Fantasy 14, with no word of the Western servers receiving this collaboration. That said, there is nothing to suggest it wouldn’t make the jump.

Obviously the collaboration isn’t one sided, Level-5 have agreed to inject two Final Fantasy staple mascots into the upcoming Yo-Kai Watch 3, with Chocobonyan and Mooglinyan. While the game is in development still, it will be released later in 2016. The West only just received the first title in the franchise, it’ll be a while until the third will make its way over.