After its announcement at E3 this year, new footage of the upcoming Dead Rising 4 has been leaked to Polygon for your viewing pleasure. Dead Rising 4 is a return to form with the return of the original franchise protagonist, Frank West making his return in the zombie filled world. There were fears that the game would continue on the gritty dark path with canned humor. Fortunately, the zaniness of killing hordes of zombies in ludicrous ways still remain, and Frank’s banter remains.

The video shows off the PC build for the game, and shows off some returning features that have become synonymous to the franchise. Things such as crafting silly weapons such as a tricycle-tractor with flame throwers and a bat coated with buzz saws. Furthermore, the camera is making a return, along with a cute little ‘selfie’ feature which lets Frank get in on the photography – he’s not quite photogenic though.

Dead Rising 4 takes place in the zombie-filled Willamette, Colorado. And it looks dire. Judging by what seems to be the tutorial area, some of the denizens of Willamette have been subjected to experimentation; it would make sense that Frank the journalist would be investigating it along with a partner named Vick.

Dead Rising 4 is slated for release during the holiday season on PC and Xbox One.

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