Being one of the PC Gaming Show’s sponsors, AMD took to the stage during the event and presented the company’s graphics card and the new VR backpack. AMD CEO Lisa Su took to the stage to show off the Radeon RX480 which was stated to be VR ready and will be available on June 29th for $99 USD. Meanwhile, the RX470 and RX460 will be available, with the emphasis on eSports focused gamers for the 460 and a 1080p, 60 frames per second  HD experience on the 470.

On top of these, it was announced that the next cards have been in the works for months and is now known as the ‘Polaris’ graphics card series, codenamed ‘Zen’.

Furthermore, AMD is working together with Alienware to showcase the VR Backpack. A device that can be strapped to a persons back in order to allow free movement with a VR device. The backpack is a computer that can run the full HD experience for VR. There is no set date for the VR Backpack nor is there a price tag yet, but we’ll keep you informed when the news breaks.

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