Here we go again folks. This isn’t the first time we’ve been here and I would be willing to bet all the money in Scrooge McDuck’s golden pool that it won’t be the last. Overwatch is laying out a few more buffs and nerfs to some of its heroes. They are not out in an update yet, but they have been discussed in the official forums for the team shooter.

First on the list is Zenyatta. According to Overwatch principal designer, Geoff Goodman, he is a bit too strong at this time and will be seeing a reduction of power soon. This will most likely be in his very strong Discord Orb attack. Next, we have Mei. While she is still a well received hero, her Ultimate will be getting a bit of a touch up. Current tests by Blizzard include increasing its range and possibly having it break barriers.

Last, but certainly not least, is Mercy. While she is definitely next to join the buff club in Overwatch, we are not exactly sure how yet. Neither is Blizzard for that matter. They have experimented with numerous ideas including more fire power and even a new ability. “If she were to get a new ability it would ideally have to be something that she could use more ‘outside of combat’ or something that is generally used much more rarely,” Goodman stated. “That said there are some things we can do to help her out in the near future.”

We don’t know for sure when these changes will be made to Overwatch, but they should arrive in an update sometime in the near future.

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