Project Scorpio was the subject of Microsoft’s grand finale at the console manufacturer’s E3 press conference a week ago. The talks of the ambitious plans and scope for the super-powered console did enough to excite gamers, but SCE President Andrew House was somewhat surprised by the timing of the announcement.

Speaking to The Guardian, Mr. House had this to say: “I was surprised by the step of announcing something over a year ahead of time. The dynamics of the tech industry are such that there’s a much heavier emphasis on immediate gratification than there was. A lot of that is to do with how Apple has very cleverly and elegantly managed the ‘available now’ approach. So yes, that was a slight surprise to me. We experienced this ourselves, when, in 2013, very much in line with our previous strategies, we announced a concept and a name for PlayStation 4, and everyone said ‘where’s the box? How dare you?!’ That was the point we realized, well, we hadn’t changed but the world around us had.”

Is Andrew House right to question the timing of the announcement or was it okay for Microsoft to make Project Scorpio’s existence available to the public over a year ahead of its release?

Project Scorpio

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