Battleborn players will no longer have to manually queue up a new match every time they play, thanks to a new rematch feature.

Rematching will allow players and their team to automatically queue following each match. After a 20-second intermission following each round, teams will be re-entered into a new match of the same game mode they were originally queued for. Along with the rematch feature is the ability as group leader to exit the queue as a group, getting rid of the hassle of having to re-invite everyone in the group after leaving.

“We know this has been a very hot topic among the community since launch, so we’re glad that we’re able to bring you all this new and exciting feature,” Gearbox Software stated on the weekly Battleborn newsletter. “This is among the improvements and tweaks to matchmaking that we will continue to make in order to optimize the experience for everyone!”

Battleborn is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was recently announced by Gearbox Studios that head writer Aaron Linde, who worked on Battleborn, was leaving the studio. Taking his place is Sam Winkler, whose first job was to write up the game’s latest hero, Alani.

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