During an early pitch for upcoming WW1-shooter Battlefield 1, DICE put forward the idea that they were going to add female soldiers to the game. Despite the fact that women obviously did not fight on the frontline during the war, many game studios still find ways of shoehorning them in in favour of realism as opposed to actually developing strong female characters. There’s talk of ‘having an agenda’ in this regard, but thankfully DICE did not continue down that route and the game that we will see at launch is a game that will not feature female soldiers, because it would be a bit odd if it did.

It seems DICE’s reasoning was “it’s just not the game we’re making”.

How do you feel about this? At the end of the day, Battlefield 1 is just a video game so does it need to cut features such as female soldiers, given that it is making exceptions in other areas to make the game more fun? Do you want a true simulation of WW1 or a more creative video game?


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