Dawn of War III isn’t the first in the RTS franchise, with both Dawn of War I and II preceding in the popular franchise.

Diving deep into the lore of Warhammer, Relic Entertainment was pleased to show off the first gameplay trailer for Dawn of War III at the PC conference.

During the trailer the Space Marines were shown off, as well as returning character Gabriel Angelos. A “space laser”, also known as Orbital Bombardment, was also shown off as one of the higher tier Space Marines ability. Although the trailer itself does not have an accurate representation of the camera and how it works, the development studio claims to have had “fun” with the creation of the trailer.

Taking proven mechanics from both Dawn of War I and II, Dawn of War III will re-introduce them with new mechanics. As always, the new version of Dawn of War will be telling a story from two different perspectives, giving a more “gray” area to who is right and who is wrong.

June 24th the full E3 mission footage will be released.

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