Heroes of the Storm has brought a close to its Summer Championship, Korean team Tempest claiming the top prize. With the end of the season however, Blizzard is letting everyone celebrate. For a limited time, every hero is available for players to try out.

Running now through June 28, every hero, including the more recent additions like Tracer, Chromie, and Medivh, is free-to-play. “We hope you have a blast trying out some new heroes during this Summer Championship celebration event!” Blizzard says simply in the announcement.

Heroes of the Storm Tempest Summer Championship Bundle

For those willing to throw down a little money though, the celebration gets even better. Blizzard has added a new bundle to the in-game store, featuring the characters and skins Tempest used in their final match. Though the price changes based on what you already have purchased, the bundle is available through June 28 and offers all the items at roughly 50% off their usual price. As can be seen in the image above, the bundle includes:

  • Brightwing-Monarch Brightwing
  • Tyrael-Demonic Tyrael
  • Greymane-Ringleader Greymane
  • Tassadar-Mecha Tassadar
  • Falstad-Buccaneer Falstad

Blizzard’s free-to-play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm is now moving into its eSports Fall Global Circuit, starting next month. As the developer puts it, teams are already beginning to “take their first steps on the road to BlizzCon.”

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