At their E3, Nintendo gave details for their upcoming 3DS title, Ever Oasis.

In Ever Oasis, players control a hero named Tethu. The player must venture into the desert, and gather resources in order to grow the oasis. Tethu can grow plant-like shops called Bloom Booths, which have to be kept stocked as characters will come through and purchase their wares. Players get money from the sales, which can then be used to grow more Bloom Booths. Tethu will also get help from Isuna, a water spirit who levels the player up and gives advice.

Gamers will explore the desert and dungeons with a party containing wanderers from different tribes. Each party member has a different ability that can be utilized to get through the dungeons. Party members also have their own, unique weapon that is more effective on some enemies than on others. Players will have to switch control of their party members to find out who works best.

Ever Oasis is being developed by Grezzo, who have previously worked on several portable Zelda titles, including Ocarina of Time 3D and Tri-Force Heroes. The game is inspired by Egyptian culture and mythology.

Ever Oasis does not have a release date or window at this time. Stay tuned to Gamespresso to catch all of your E3 news this week.

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