It may have only been released a couple of weeks ago, but already players are putting in a large amount of time to Overwatch. Not only that, they are getting good. Soon it will be time for everyone to take their skills to the next step and see how they fair when everything is on the line.

Overwatch will soon have ranked matches in Competitive Mode, said to arrive later this month. Director Jeff Kaplan spoke about the upcoming mode in an interview with Eurogamer recently. He started by stating how Competitive Mode once was a progress-based. “Within the whole system, you could never drop from a tier. So even if you got to master, you would never drop out of that tier, no matter how much you lost.” He went on to say, however, “In our new system, there’s no safety net. If you lose, you’re going to go down, if you win, you’re going to go up.”

There was also talk about a dynamic queue. In this system, players will be able to search for matches in any size they want. If it happens to be a particularly busy time, then the size of the queue will have to grow in order for you to find a match quicker. Wouldn’t want anyone to wait too long to get their Overwatch fix.

Not only will the release of Competitive Mode be great for fans of the hero shooter, but it will help it reach its potential to climb the ranks among eSports titles. Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The ranked matches should arrive by the end of the month.

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