If you don’t already know, in this case it might mean you live under a stairwell, Overwatch is taking over the gaming community. It has received outstanding reviews across the board and players can’t get enough of it. With the Competitive Mode coming soon, it only makes sense that fans would be playing it more and more to up their game for the competition.

Once Competitive Mode hits, you can be sure that Overwatch will be gaining a strong following in the world of eSports. Korea is one of the leading countries in the eSports and they have proven it with the latest statistic on Blizzard’s popular hero shooter. Many gamers in the country get in their playing time at local cafes. Overwatch has just surpassed League of Legends as the most played game in these Korean gaming cafes, also known as PC bangs.

According to Gametrics, %30 of all patrons at these cafes are playing Overwatch, where as only %28 are playing League of Legends. This is the first time League of Legends hasn’t been on top since August 2012. This information was gained from research at over four thousand Korean gaming cafes.

League of Legends was the most played game at PC bangs for 46 months. Could Overwatch possibly beat that record? Only time will tell.

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