The original Rock of Ages was released back in 2011, giving developer ACE Team lots of time to prepare for the sequel.

Rock of Ages was developed in Unreal Engine 3 as a unique entry into the Tower Defense genre. Looking to follow up the game that has been praised by Steam users, ACE Team has announced Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder in a brand new trailer.

Features included in the latest addition to the franchise are “Up to 4-person Multiplayer”, creating a new way of playing the game with others. You now have a chance to play 2v2 online in matches to the death, with the ability to customize banners and colours for your units. Adding onto that, tracks now intersect – so you can knock the enemy rocks around for an advantage.

ACE Team is looking to expand upon the first game, offering a more diverse selection of units and a much larger focus on the rock smashing strategy. Developer ACE Team has also improved the physics and destructible environments, with Rock of Ages II developed in Unreal Engine 4.

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