Microsoft showed us some great new games, consoles, and more during their intense E3 press conference. I don’t think too many people were left unsatisfied with their showing. While new Xbox consoles are exciting, it is also great to see updates from the ‘One’ that is already here.

First, the long awaited background music was finally announced to arrive this summer. Finally you can decide your own soundtrack to your own gameplay adventures. In a surprise turn of events, there are also 3 more Xbox One updates coming this fall. Clubs will allow those on Xbox Live to create communities around games, hobbies, or more to have speaking forums, helping them to come together.

Speaking of come together, Looking for Group, the second feature announced, works like a help wanted add. You can put up your cause in any game find others to play with you or help you in any way. Need some raiders in The Division? How about some builders for your latest masterpiece in Minecraft? Just put up a request and see who takes the call to action.

The last new feature coming this fall is Arena. With the eSports community growing dramatically over the past couple of years, Xbox One wants to get on top with Arena. Here, you can create your own tournaments online, or join official tournaments made by AAA developers and others. EA has already signed on their FIFA franchise to be a part of this new feature.

Xbox One owners sure have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months. E3 and all of its announcements have made sure of that.

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