After releasing their financial results for the second quarter of 2016, Capcom has reported a loss in profit. The company managed up to $104 million which ended up being 24% less than what Capcom managed to make the same time last year. On top of that, operation costs costed Capcom a $6.9 million loss.

It was stated in the report that evident loss was because of “foreign exchange loss caused by the rapidly rising yen”. Not only that, but Capcom has cited the loss was due to a lack of major titles and “increased development” for projects currently in the pipeline.

Even though the second quarter has seen releases in Japan including Ace Attorney 6 early last month and Monster Hunter Generations in the Western market weeks ago, the sales haven’t accounted for the amount of development costs in place for future titles in Capcom’s development cycle.

Aside from the smaller titles, the company is expecting better results in the coming months as their heavy hitting titles are released. These include Resident Evil 7, Dead Rising 4, Dead Rising remastered and several other titles.

Huge expectations are placed on Resident Evil 7 after the successful reception it received after its reveal at this year’s E3 event during the Sony conference. Due to that, the team is placing their faith on the second half of the fiscal year.

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