In a behind-the-scenes trailer for Dead Rising 4, the developers at Capcom Vancouver revealed different zombie variants coming to the game.

There are three different kinds of zombies in the game:

The Horde: Horde zombies are the thousands of drone-like, sluggish undead that most players will be used to dealing with.

Freshly Infected: These types of zombies are survivors recently bitten that turn into brain-munching beings right in front of you. They are quick with unpredictable attacks. Freshly infected zombies have a unique trait of red glowing eyes.

Evo: The Evo are the most dangerous type of zombies you’ll face. They will dodge your attacks, hide, use cover, and leap to attack. Evo zombies will not be encountered as commonly as the other types but will be the most difficult to deal with.

Check out the “Return to Willamette” trailer below:

Dead Rising 4 sees the return of Frank West, the protagonist featured in the first game. “Frank is cooler, he’s tougher, a little wiser, but he’s still Frank,” said Joe Nickolls, Studio Director at Capcom Vancouver.

In other news related to the series, ports of the first two games are coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in honor of the game’s 10th anniversary.

Dead Rising 4 launches on December 6 for Xbox One and PC.

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