EA has released three classic titles through GOG.com. Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition, Sim City: 3000 Unlimited and the original Dead Space are available for download now, and they are DRM free. Given the lack of digital rights management, the titles require no activation or online connection to play.

In Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition, you play as the last member of an ancient line of guardians. As the last Grey Warden, you must fight a fiendish archdemon before it conquers mankind. The ultimate edition comes with the full original game plus the Awakening expansion pack and all nine content packs.

Dead Space is exactly what it sounds like: scary as Hell. The third-person horror shooter features Isaac Clarke, an engineer on the spacecraft USG Ishimura. When Isaac discovers an undead disaster, he quickly learns that the only way out is to fight. Dead Space tells a terrifying tale, and it’s full of twisted monsters and horrific tension.

Sim City 3000 Unlimited brings back Sim City’s classic urban creation with hundreds of building designs, new disasters and over 95 landmarks.

At the time of writing, Dragon Age: Origins and Dead Space are available for $7.99 USD and Sim City 3000 is available for $4.99 USD. And since EA did not include DRM in the games, each is instantly playable upon download.

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