Just one week ago, Evolve’s growing player base was impressive at 24,652 concurrent players. On July 13, Stage 2’s developers announced a major milestone for Turtle Rock and 2K: Evolve has gained over one million new players since its switch to free-to-play.

Turtle Rock released a statement on Evolve’s official website, thanking players and announcing a content giveaway in celebration of the game’s achievements. Players that log in before 10 am PST on July 18 will receive a free Blood Eagle Hunter skin for the veteran trapper, Griffin. The skin will become available after the event, and it won’t require any silver keys to unlock.

This isn’t the first time Turtle Rock has rewarded its player base for its support. When Stage 2 first launched, the studio made a Founder status for players who had previously purchased the game or any DLC for it. With the Founder status comes 3,000 silver keys to unlock more characters with, dozens of weapon skins and Adaptations for previously owned hunters and monsters. Founder status also gives players four unique animated Founder badges.

Evolve is currently free-to-play on PC, but the developers have stated that if Stage 2 is received well by players, they will try to bring the game to consoles in the future.

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