There was a special program run by Good Old Games a month ago called GOG Connect, a service that tried to connect GOG to Steam by offering GOG copies of games to Steam users who already own the Steam version of the game. For the short duration of its existence, it was a massive success with fans jumping into the chance to pick up DRM-free games through GOG. As stated, the service was only available for a limited time as it started on June 7th and closed on June 8th.

Fortunately, a quick query by reddit user James_bd concerning the service’s existence prompted a reply by a representative from GOG. It was stated that the service was not abandoned but it was taken down in order to go back into R&D for a future release.

“GOG Connect is not forgotten. But now it’s time to learn from the first round: what worked, what didn’t, and what seems like a good future for the program.

“With how massively well-received GOG Connect turned out to be, we’re not going to abandon the idea. But the details, the games, the developers, and even whether the program will benefit from any minor to significant adjustments — that’s what we’re looking at right now. There’s no ETA to give you guys, because we just don’t want to rush into anything.”

This is exciting news for people who never got around to trying out the one day service as it means there will be a chance to utilize this service in the future. When the service was functioning, players could redeem 11 games from the list of developers who support GOG’s intiative. The games included:

– The Witness

– FTL: Faster Than Light

– The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut

– Galactic Civilizations 3

– Trine Enchanted Edition

– Saints Row 2

– Shadowrun Returns

– The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

– Kona

– Defender’s Quest

– Door Kickers

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