A new episode of Hitman has been released this week by Square Enix. The Summer Bonus episode is only available to those who own the Full Hitman Experience or a combination of the Intro and Upgrade packs.

The Summer Bonus Episode will be available for individual purchase later into the season.

At this time, players who have bought the Full Experience or the Upgrade pack will have access to this bonus mission for free.

The Summer Bonus Episode features 2 new ICA missions, 8 new Opportunities (4 for each new mission), 2 new weapon/gear unlocks, 2 Agency Pickup locations (1 for each new missions), 60 new challenges across both new missions, and 7 new achievements.

It will also bring new features to the game such as improvements to the game’s leaderboard, loading screens, Featured Hub, and will also fix minor bugs that exist in the current version of the game.

Along with all these improvements, there will also be new live content added to the game. The Summer Bonus Episode will include New Escalation Contracts, New Featured Contracts (Contracts Mode), as well as Elusive Targets.

The new episode of Hitman is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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