The Oculus Rift may soon have more in common with the HTC Vive than ever before. The VR headset’s latest update has added the ability for users to connect multiple camera sensors to the device. This would allow for a more immersive experience by enhancing movement tracking, as well as the ability for developers to take advantage of more accurate room scale setups.

Currently, up to four sensors can be connected, but it is believed that developers will only be able to use two of these cameras considering that the Oculus Touch will launch with a sensor. These sensors are also not sold separately.

This news comes before the launch of the Oculus Touch. These new motion controllers, as well as this new update, will allow the Occulus Rift the ability to provide immersive gameplay experiences that are on par with the HTC Vive.

Minecraft has recently announced that they are adding Oculus Rift support to the Windows 10 edition of the game. Users will soon be able to download this free update as a thank-you for supporting the game over the years. The Oculus Rift will add a wide variety of features to the game, such as external camera tracking.

The Oculus touch is set to release during the second half of this year.

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