As Overwatch continues to dominate online multiplayer games, it is important to note that is just for its great gameplay. The characters and lore that surround this hero shooter have really grasped players and helped to shape Overwatch as the success it is. This comes as no surprise, considering Blizzard has always been fantastic at creating new worlds with rich history. Imagine if they got some extra help.

Blizzard is teaming up with Dark Horse comics to put out a selection of comic books that will tell more of the backstory surrounding the characters of Overwatch players have grown so attached to. The first, expected to be released in April of next year, will be a 100-page graphic novel. It should tell the story of the original Overwatch strike force, long before the present.

The second comic will actually be an art book. It will contain some original illustrations and concept art for the game, never released to the public. Once again, there is a long way to wait for this, as it is set to released in Summer 2017. Before all of this, Dark Horse will put out the original 8-page Overwatch digital comics on it’s own digital service.

We should learn more about all of this at this year’s Comic-Con, so check back in with Gamespresso as the news comes in.

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