While it is still in Early Access, Epic is doing all it can to optimize its 3D MOBA, Paragon. Of course, what is a MOBA without a stellar set of characters. A new support caster is being added to Paragon on August 2nd. She is a strong entity who channels the power of nature as her weapon of choice. They call her The Fey. No, unfortunately she is not Tina Fey running around in Agora, but you should check her out anyway.

Her abilities really help in keeping control of your lane and helping out other teammates. Untamed Growth has The Fey throw an explosive plant at the enemies, dealing AOE damage over time. Bramble Patch creates a long line of thorns in any direction she chooses. With this any character or minion that walks across it will be slowed down significantly. Harvest Nettles helps The Fey refund mana, which of course is always helpful.

Things in Paragon are gonna change once players learn how to take advantage of her Ultimate. Fly Trap creates a massive plant creature that grabs enemies around it, dragging them in and dealing a whole lot of damage. This move is perfect for setting up a full team attack.

The Fey comes to Paragon on Tuesday, August 2nd and will be free as all the others are in Early Access.

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