Pokemon GO has already completely taken over in the regions that it has been officially released in. From the successful walks in Sydney, Australia, to Pokemon bar crawls set up in the heart of New York, people are getting on board. Soon, it will be time for the same things to come to fruition in Europe, Japan, and the UK. Can you say, Pokemon pub crawl?

Due to the huge amount of success that Pokemon Go has seen since its release, we have seen huge margins of players constantly. This has led to servers being down for a good amount of time each day, which in turn caused a delay for the games release in other regions. Now, a new report from the Wall Street Journal claims that Pokemon GO should be released in these regions within only a few days. The more of this game around the world, the more exciting adventures people can go on to truly become the masters. This is also great for the franchise and the parent company of Nintendo, which has already seen an increase in value of about 9 billion dollars since the release.

We can only imagine what more is to come from Pokemon Go after it is released in more countries around the world. Gotta Catch’em All.

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