A public Pokemon GO walk in Sydney, Australia, over the weekend managed to attract an estimated 1500 people. Following the release of the AR app last week, gamers began organizing the event. Full of people playing Pokemon GO, the massive crowds made their way through Sydney, starting with the Botanical Gardens and  going from landmark to landmark.

Speaking with Daily Mail, Jess Hodgson, one of the organizers, explains, “The idea came about as a way of bringing gamers together and for the community have a bit of fun with the app and it just grew so quickly.” Parents were there with their kids, and friends came together as groups, all to play the game as they walked.

Hodgson goes on to say he was initially nervous when he saw the massive number of people. “Thankfully across the day people spread out, slowed down or their phone ran out of battery so they stopped playing.”

He hopes the positive response for this particular walk will lead to others in the future.

Though Pokemon GO has only been out for less than a week, its popularity has soared, topping mobile charts. Even with that success however, developer Niantic has no plans to rest on their laurels. Instead, new features, like trading and customizing PokeStops and Gyms, are in the works. As we continue to watch the game grow, you’ll find all the news right here on Gamespresso.

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