It seems as though a player has finally reached max level in Pokemon GO. The user in question has posted his achievement earlier this week on Reddit, along with a screenshot showing it off.

Reddit poster _Problemz claims to be the first person to reach max level. Even though he has reach max level in the game, he has confirmed that he did not do it the way that the developers intended.

The user has stated that he used a bot to achieve this feet and has also mentioned that he will not disclose any information on how to use it. He has also posted that he will contact Niantic about this event as well as delete his account.

_Problemz also gives details about his journey to level 40. He mentions that it takes a total of 20 million experience points to reach max level and documented of all the PokeStops that he visited, as well as the number of Pokemon that were caught along the way.

He also states that other plays should not compare this world first with a legitimate one. That title is still available to anyone dedicated enough to be the very best. For all your Pokemon GO news, keep checking back right here on Gamespresso.

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