Images and piece’s of Pokemon GO’s code suggest a pretty clear route for the game in the near future. Reddit user NeoProfessorWillow uploaded screenshots of data discovered while digging through the code. In addition to models of Pokemon and items used in game, the Reddit user came across something unexpected: a McDonald’s logo. Given Niantic’s use of sponsored content in its first AR mobile game, Ingress, it’s possible that similar sponsored content is in the works for Pokemon GO.

The section of NeoProfessorWillow’s post detailing their fast-food find reads:

“Theres even a McDonalds image, which would be used as button in the game too. Promo or something, I have no idea. Went over again looking specifically for McDonalds and promo related stuff, looks like McDonalds are going to be gyms.”

The Reddit user, whose account name is inspired by the Pokemon GO tutorial character, Professor Willow, provided many other images of in-game models of Pokemon characters and items as well. This includes models of the first 150 Pokemon, although the 151st, Mew, seems to be missing. Images of different items and power-ups are also present, including Great, Ultra and Master Balls; X-Attack and X-Defense; and Super, Hyper and Max Potions.

Although the anonymous poster’s discovery doesn’t confirm sponsored content by itself, it would make sense for Niantic to implement it, given that the developer currently features it in Ingress, the game that established most locations that are currently Pokestops and Gyms.

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