Last month, gamers were treated to some great news, trailers, and more from E3 2016. One of the unexpected reveals from the Bethesda press conference was the announcement of Quake Champions. While we didn’t see any gameplay, but the cinematic footage had us excited to have another hero shooter on the market. Now the hype continues to grow as we get some more information.

Of course in Quake Champions there are… champions. The first four revealed have been given some more details in a video released by Bethesda. They are Ranger, Visor, Nyx, and Scalebearer. The Ranger, classic from the original Quake, launches a projectile Dire Orb that he can teleport to at will. Visor, from Quake 3, has the ability to see others through walls and objects using Piercing Sight. Almost like the Predator in the jungle.

The next two champions are original to this title. Nyx is quick and becomes even quicker with her Phase ability. This allows her to be intangible for quick time. Finally, there is Scalebearer. His main ability is the Bull Rush, which a charging attack that you do not want to be in front of unless you want a lot of damage dealt to you.

Hopefully we’ll hear about more players from Quake Champions soon. In the meantime, check out the video below to get a taste of the one revealed so far.

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