Gamers have been waiting what seems like years to play Rime, a breathtaking adventure game with Wind Waker-esque visuals exclusive to PlayStation 4. The game was announced back at the launch of the PS4, and with no recent news, release dates or trailers regarding the game, players have begun to have their doubts about whether Rime had been canceled altogether.

However, the developer of the title, Tequila Works, confirmed to GameSpot in a statement that the game is very much still in development. According to the team’s PR manager, Jose Herraez, the game’s size has grown by nearly 40 percent, and he promises more news is coming very soon.

“I can confirm that Rime is still in development, advancing at a great pace,” Herraez said. “We know it has been a long time with no news, and we are just as eager to communicate about the game as media and fans are to receive news, but we are only a few weeks away of changing that.”

According to Sony, “Rim tells the story of a boy who must use his wits and ingenuity to survive, and ultimately escape from, a mysterious island and a terrible curse,” and features open world gameplay, dynamic puzzle solving, and a unique control system taking advantage of the DualShock 4’s speaker, touchpad and light bar.

The most recent news on Rime came in March 2016 when it was revealed Tequila Works had acquired the rights to the game from Sony.

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