Fans around the world had been waiting years before Windows 10 was finally released. Now, we are coming up on the one year anniversary of this marvelous day. That can only mean one thing. The Anniversary update is on the way. Microsoft does not disappoint and there are plenty of new features coming with it.

First, Windows Hello provides an easier way to connect all of your devices together and go on to the Internet on all of them at high speed. This is connected to Windows Defender, which works as a PC-malware to scan for viruses while surfing the web. Windows Ink allows people to use their own handwriting to leave notes on maps, screenshots, and more. Cortana can also help you to leave these notes, add pictures as visual reminders, and share notifications across all your devices. This can all also be done via the lock screen if necessary.

Possibly the most important update is the Play Anywhere feature. Announced during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, this will allow certain games purchased on one device to be played at no extra charge among different devices. Specifically the Xbox One to your main Windows 10 PC.

The Anniversary Update will be released on August 2nd and be free for all Windows 10 users.

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