Halfway into the season, the competitive scene for Duelyst, a free-to-play tactical strategy card game is picking up steam towards its finals. Duelyst released on April 27th and saw new content released at a constant rate since. The game is currently gearing up to its first major expansion in a couple of days.

If you’re unfamiliar with Duelyst, it is a cross between the card system and energy progression from Hearthstone with elements of board-based strategy from something akin to Mojang’s Scrolls. The objective of the game is to keep your General unit alive while killing the enemy General. The game becomes interesting and complex over time as the board opens up for new angles for attacks.

The current major competitive circuit for the game, ‘Dawn of the Duelyst‘ is run by familiar names to Gamespresso, RandomCS, who have been working tirelessly with Counterplay Games in order to cultivate the scene. The first season ended roughly five weeks ago with player ‘Nowayitsj’ taking the win and 60% of the $560 prize pool from runner up iNuzzle.

The second season is currently aiming for a $1000 prize pool and has been running for four weeks as of now, with four more weeks to go. For the seven weeks prior to the finals, each weekly tournament will be opened to the public for a chance for players to win gold. Each week, players will receive points based on results during the six weeks. The top 8 players from the weekly tournaments will be invited into the final week where they will fight for the monetary prize pool.

Hosted by Matcherino, viewers can support the circuit by adding money to the prize pool in exchange for various tiers of rewards. These include: in game card backs, legendary card skins, art books, dog tags and artworks.

The matches can be viewed on the RandomCS Twitch page and will usually run every Saturday.

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