Bungie has revealed four all-new PvP maps for Destiny set to make their debut in the game’s next expansion, Rise of Iron.

Rise of Iron’s new maps will take players to locations such as Venus, Mercury, and Mars. The full breakdown of the maps provide by a GameInformer exclusive can be seen below:

Map: Last Exit
A rundown subway terminal on Venus that is suitable with close-quarters combat. It also features collapsed buildings and a courtyard crumbling into the ocean.

Is described as a way-station for Mars colonists that overlooks the landscape of the planet. The map heavily emphasizes the use of vertical space.

Floating Gardens
Is a sacrificial shrine for the Vex on Venus. Due to a bridge position in the center of the map, the location is ideal for different capture modes.

Is a PlayStation-exclusive map that takes place on Mercury. Battle will be done in a solar collector located within a crater. It features numerous reflecting mirrors that shine the harsh sunlight that Mercury is exposed to.

Rise of Iron is set to release September 20, for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In other related news, Destiny the Collection was recently announced, containing all the game’s subsequent expansions and Rise of Iron.

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