Evolve is a game that completely takes the normal concepts of a shooter and flips it on its side. If you have never played it for yourself, this title has teams of Hunters go after large and dangerous monsters and try to take them down in some frightening environments. What’s even better is that players can also take control of the monsters. A new update has just been added, so check out the changes it brings.

This is the second week of Evolve and its “Sheer Madness” event. With it comes the world changing update, Cataclysm. As its name suggests, the environment of Shear has been transformed by the disastrous events occurring in this land. With this comes the new map, The Orbital Drill. This area depicts typical catastrophic features, such as molten lava and falling meteors.

There is some strategic gameplay added to the new Evolve map by these meteors. While some are encased in hellfire and cause damage wherever they land, including on a player’s head, other are infused with Generyst. This means that they will heal any Monster or Hunter they land on. The Orbital Drill map is now added to the general Hunt matchmaking as well as the new co-op matchmaking, which allows friends to team up against the computer.

Evolve Stage 2 is a free download on Steam now and will be coming to the Xbox One and PS4 soon.

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