Simulation game AdVenture Capitalist will launch on Playstation 4 on August 16th as a free download.

Originally released on Steam in 2015, in AdVenture Capitalist, players run multiple businesses and perform some odd jobs, such as squeezing lemons, catching shrimp, or taxing people for rides to the moon, resulting in the game becoming the ” world’s greatest capitalism simulator” according to the developer, Happy Hippo Games and the team’s lead producer, Tristan Rattink.

According to Rattink, AdVenture Capitalist acts as a “idle” or “clicker” game that continues to progress even when you’re not actively playing.

“Once your businesses are booming, you can hire managers to keep making the dough 24/7. No need to put off that bathroom break!” he writes. “Idle games are uniquely simple and strangely addictive. They are designed to be played in quick bursts, but players often spend hours poring over strategic decisions and calculating their next moves.”

The game doesn’t just stay on Earth though. After profits are maxed out at home, you’ll eventually be forced to move onto Moon, Mars and the whole galaxy in order to continue to earn revenue.

You can watch the gameplay trailer for yourself below and decide if AdVenture Capitalist is a game you’re willing to give a try when it arrives for free on PS4 next week.

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