Blizzard has revealed a Medivh legendary card to be released in Hearthstone’s next adventure, One Night in Karazhan, set to launch next week.

The adventure revolves around an extravagant party hosted by the powerful magus Medivh. Unveiled via IGN, the legendary card based on the character is called “Medivh, the Guardian.” The card costs eight mana, has seven attack and health, and a Battlecry ability that reads, “Equip Atiesh, Great Staff of the Guardian.” Atiesh is a weapon that has one attack and three durability, it’s special attribute reads, “After you cast a spell, summon a random minion of that cost. Lose 1 durability.”

Both cards can be seen below:


In addition to Medivh, “Firelands Portal,” a Mage class card was revealed. Costing seven mana, it is a spell that deals five damage and summons a five mana cost minion.

“Silverware Golem,” was the last card to be revealed. It is a minion that costs three mana with three attack and health. It’s ability is, “If you discard this minion, summon it.” It is a Warlock class card.

Including the previoulsy mentioned cards, One Night in Karazhan adds 45 new cards. Karazhan will release periodically, beginning with its first wing, The Parlor, coming out August 11. That same day, a free prologue for the adventure will also be released.

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