It seems that a major announcement is on the way for Dark Souls III fans.

The official Dark Souls Twitter feed has announced that major news for the game will be dropping on Wednesday, August 24th. It has not been said what that news will be, but the announcement could be for the game’s first DLC expansion. Bandai Namco has previously told VideoGamer that Dark Souls III’s first DLC pack would release in the fall. The DLC will introduce new bosses, enemies, weapons, armor, and new locations to explore.

There are two planned DLC packs for Dark Souls III. The first is scheduled to release this fall, while the second will release in early 2017. Both will be included in the title’s season pass, or can be bought individually.

Earlier this year, a Dark Souls board game being developer by Steamforge Games was fully funded on Kickstarter. The team was asking for $72,000, but ended up earning over $5 million. Steamforged Games was so happy with the results they announced that the two new summoned NPCs to the game, Witch Beatrice and Sword Master Saber, will be included for free to all eligible pledges. Dark Souls: The Board Game is set to release in April 2017.

Dark Souls III is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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